About Us

Esna Allied Group a member of the Esna Holdings, is involved in Power, Renewable Energy, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Agricultural Mechanization, Industrial Machinery and Materials and in Turnkey Projects.

The business which had its origins since 1931 today provides power solutions to a wide array of Commercial and Industrial sectors including Construction, Transportation, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Condominium, Agriculture, Manufacturing & Housing.

Esna’s Power Marketing and Technical teams covering the above sectors has extensive experience and skills spanning over four decades as such has reached an excellence in all spheres of activity. The firm commitment and dedication of its staff and its consortium of business associates pursuing high standards of quality is reflected in its successful completion of many projects in Sri Lanka and Maldive Islands. Esna’s key strength is sourcing long term concessionary funding for projects in partnership with a host of foreign principals and funding agencies.